What is the best way for highschool students to get into college baseball?

Parents would give anything to see their kids get good enough at the game so that they’re admitted into college baseball teams. Everybody knows about Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Manny Ramirez, Albert Pujols and other Major League players. We all envision the day when our little league player gets accepted into college baseball and wish that he […]

Will new NCAA rules change the game?

The NCAA introduced a new set of rules on August 1st, 2008 that many saw as game-changers concerning college baseball players. Here at Spartanburg Stingers, we decided to write an article in order to shed light on this event and help you better understand to full extent what these changes are about. Perhaps the only reason why you […]

How to get a scholarship in baseball

Scholarships in baseball are pretty rare. That’s not because it isn’t possible to obtain one, but because the number is limited and the requirements for getting one are rather steep, all thanks to NCAA regulations. With this said, if you’re determined enough, you can make it happen. Many people will be surprised to hear that […]